Photograph by Amanda Kirpatrick


Pamela Jean Tinnen is curator for New York University’s Kimmel Galleries and Director of PAHK NY, representing world renowned white porcelain and ceramic artist Young Sook Park. Additionally, she works as an independent curator, art dealer, photographer, scholar and installation artist. Her artistic, academic and curatorial interests engage photography, aesthetics and visual culture. 

Pamela currently lives and works in Queens. Prior to moving to New York in pursuit of higher learning at New York University, she worked full time as Assistant Curator for the Tom and Mary James/Raymond James Financial Art Collection in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida where she cultivated a largely unwarranted sense of entitlement and blamed other people for her problems. She is much happier now, than she used to be, and completed her master’s in Museum Studies from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, NYU in 2010.

Her research involves thanatology, erotism,  the semiotics of death in a museum context, tourism for human remains, corpse imagery in contemporary photography and abjection. She’s not as dark as she sounds, considering the nature of her interests, but should probably stop reading books with deeply nihilistic plots and tragic anti-heroines.

When not working on her professional, artistic or academic interrogations, she enjoys photobooths, playing the drums, feeling transient, listening to ghost stories, tech-nostalgia, collecting trivial pursuit editions, bicycle rides, vintage cameras, Shakespeare, running the Williamsburg Bridge, learning to salsa, reading literature from the Lost Generation, hanging out in fancy hotel rooms and drinking in airport bars.

Born with both a protestant work ethic and catholic guilt, Pamela is an obsessive hyper-functional, impulsive and fearless to the point of recklessness. Lately, she spends a lot of time trying to not screw up in a major way and correct the karmic retributions incurred from the bad behavior of her younger years. 

Her CV can be found here.